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Starting the low carb diet – my journey

Starting the low carb diet is something I’ve been doing a lot lately (#embarrassed). My worst enemy is discipline and procrastination. In my head, I know that this way of life works for me. At some point, I was off the asthma meds, and exercise came easily for me.  Exercise is a challenge now as it tends to trigger asthma symptoms. I introduced all my three sisters to the low carb lifestyle…and guess who lost all their excess weight? Yes, all 3 of them except me. They stay in the same neighborhood, so I gather this makes it easy for them to support each other.  This little corner of my blog will be my support structure – striving to post weekly (as a minimum).

My preparations for starting the low carb diet

  • I decided not to overthink this – so I woke up and fixed breakfast that complies with the guidelines. That included fried eggs (in coconut oil), steamed mushrooms, and Greek salad.

Rule 1: Keep it straight and stupidly simple 👍 #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #weightloss

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  • Log weight weekly – I’ve re-activated my MFP account for this purpose. I don’t intend to log the food as such. I will be using the app to track my weight. You cannot manage what you don’t measure.
  • Setting aside my favorite pair of denim pants to measure my progress.  I bought this particular denim a while ago, and I was confident that it would fit me some day. Now is as good a time as any to test this theory (and also avoid being deluded by the scale)
  • Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so I’ll be cautious not to buy cereals and other sugary stuff – except what my nine-year-old daughter needs for breakfast.  Hubby does not mind at all to follow a low carb way of life (while at home though), so in this case, the problem is me.  The success on starting the low carb diet  stands and falls on me.
  • Plan my meals – starting the low carb diet without preparation is what delays my progress. I’ll make a point to draft a simple meal plan to guide my meal preparations.   I will leave the intricate recipes for weekends and some other days.  Going the complicated route can squeeze one’s joy out of this journey.
I will be using this guide as a start: Best foods for a low carb diet

How much weight do I need to lose on the low carb diet?

Seeing that I am not a body builder or an expecting mother, I tend to follow the BMI measurements.  I understand that this does not apply to everyone, but I have no reason to dispute it.  It has proven to be accurate in my case.

I have 27 kg (59 lbs approx) to lose, but 50% of that will still make me a happy person.  I’m putting everything out here, so you can track my progress (by scrolling down the right-hand sidebar). There you will find my MFP progress badge…something similar to the above posted one.

Exercising on a low carb diet

Besides doing some ab and light exercises, I cannot commit to an exercise regimen at this point. Asthma makes it almost impossible.

Anticipated challenges?

starting the low carb dietIt is true that if you anticipate glitches in the future, you put measures in place to combat them.  My main difficulty is the tea hour after our church services. The cakes and other baked goods just make it impossible to say no.

On the other hand – I do not want to make this (the cakes thing) a once in a week habit. I have wheat and dairy allergies, which exacerbate the asthma problem. Me avoiding the cake goodies is also my way of taking care of my health (something I believe to be bigger than my need to look good on my clothes).

In the past, I also fell for the “eat all the fat you want” approach, and while it may have worked for others, not so much for me. This delayed progress on my side until I just gave up.  The most important thing is that vegetable oils are no longer used in our home, as we have been coconut oil fans for months now.

Other than all the challenges I anticipate upon starting the low carb diet, I do not intend to complicate my starting the low carb diet.  I will try to keep the meals as simple as possible, continue to blog here, while also posting useful information that supports others who are embarking on a similar journey.

I hope you will stick around and cheer me..“Go Zee!


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